K r i m s o n

Eshetu Dejene

Partner | Director of Creative Services

Eshetu Dejene serves as Head of Creative Services at Krimson. He graduated with Departmental and College Honors from Middlebury College (USA), where he studied Architecture, Studio Art and French. Since joining the Creative Services team at Krimson, Eshetu has worked on several exciting design projects for companies. Before joining Krimson, Eshetu served as a designer and constructor for Middlebury College’s InSite team. For over 3 years, Eshetu also served as a Digital Media Tutor and Supervisor for the Middlebury College’s Digital Media Laboratory and Tutors Program.  He offered tutoring and aid services to students, professors and staff members with various types of design/media related projects such as creating websites, using Adobe Suite, 3D and Video software.