K r i m s o n


Founder | Managing director

Dawit Lemma is the founder and serves as the Managing Partner of Krimson ACMC PLC. He is a Swiss citizen, but of Ethiopian origin, and has lived and/or worked all over the world; from Zambia to Afghanistan, the USA to Switzerland – making him a true global citizen. Dawit returned to Ethiopia in 2012, after almost 30 years abroad, as he recognized the thriving potential and opportunities being displayed by Ethiopia’s economic resurgence. He is a graduate of Purdue University in the USA, where he received a degree in Aeronautical Engineering & Flight Technology. In addition, he received a MSc. degree in Aviation Management & Marketing from the Basel Business College in Switzerland. He has extensive professional experience in both the Aviation and Marketing industries, with a cache of notable companies from around the world, including TAG Aviation, Havas Media Group, Emirates Airlines, Dentsu, Ethiopian Airlines, Total, and Red Bull, to name a few. He passionately engages in strategy and business development for several agencies by building strategic alliances around the world and developing customized solutions for his clients in Ethiopia. Dawit’s commitment to excellence and achievement has lead to Krimson’s positive growth and sound reputation in a short period of time. Krimson’s mantra of Achievement through Quality & Integrity of Service serves as more than just a philosophy but a lifestyle and deep rooted value that Dawit has applied through out his education and professional career.