K R I M S O N is an innovative strategy and business development agency based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia led by Dawit Lemma. It is committed to delivering customised solutions to companies, organisations and individuals in the aviation and communications industries by adding value through technical knowledge and counsel or by simply doing the ordinary things well. Krimson aims to provide customers with the highest levels of professional services in aviation operational support, as well as strategic communications and business development guidance. The team has an extensive network, originating from five different countries, speaking 5 different languages, across three continents. Krimson is capable of delivering global standard excellence while catering to the local market.

MISSION: To guide our clients in achieving their organizational targets and assuring financial success by delivering extraordinary and exceptional customer service and experiences.

VISION: To be a pre-eminent “360 degree” consulting firm in Ethiopia, East Africa, and beyond.

CORE VALUES: Achievement, Integrity, Quality, Service, and People are the cornerstones of our success.